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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  July 20, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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team coverage of night three of the rnc convention and the big night for mike pence. it starts at 7:00 eastern. my colleagues chris hayes picks it up from cleveland right now. >> good evening from the rnc in cleveland. i'm chris hayes. this is, of course, the third day of the convention. tonight is supposed to be about introducing mike pence, donald trump's running mate, to the country. instead, a dotted story line continues improbably to be the plagiarism scandal involving trump's wife's speech and the incompetence of the trump campaign in dealing with it. after the trump manager talked about what was obvious to everyone, that a portion of melania's speech was lifted from the democratic speech in 2008. a trump employee named meredith mciver today released a
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statement that melania trump read me some passages from the speech and that mciver wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing in the draft that ultimately wait a minute the final speech. meanwhile amid the frustration with the nominee and a lack of consensus in the party, the republicans spent the last two nights, particularly last night, engaging in attacks against hillary clinton prompting channels of lock her up. one trump adviser even saying clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason. the secret service says it is investigating. ted cruz may or may not offer trump his endorsement. that will be interesting to check out. joining me now, the writer at large. cnbc's chief correspondent and msnbc contributor and wisconsin talk show radio host gflt to have you here. it is actually a lovely cool evening in cleveland.
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so charlie, let's start with the speech thing. there is something so irresistible about it as a story. everyone can see the thing. to me the meta story here is this is just all the most basic blocking and tackling of any state representative on up. >> yeah. there's incompetence and then there's weapons grade incompetence which is then compounded by sending out all these staffers to spin these ridiculous, like a my little pony and all of this. it is a legitimate question. what were they thinking when they said, go out there and deny that it is plagiarism when everybody knew that it was. so part of it is these campaigns, the addiction to telling things that are untrue but also the unwillingness to admit. we screwed up. we made a mistake. >> i think the other part of the story that makes this so
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irresistible is that this is a campaign donald trump has run for years attacking the moral fiber, the american fiber, everything about obama and his family and his presidency. and the fact the particular -- and his attacks have been very obviously racist for many years. really rooted in racial language. the idea that this thing happened where the white woman appropriated the language of the black woman about the black family that her husband had been running against for however many years and then used to it sell her own family values, it also makes it a bigger model for what's happening here. >> there is that and then there is also this weird gas lighting thing that the trump people do. like failed jedi mind trick. trump the other night even mentioned casually like it was his idea to have the convention in ohio. that's a manifest thing. it has become a recurring theme of the campaign.
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>> i can understand given his personality type why he might do that. i can't understand why paul manafort might do that. republicans, if they were going to come out with a straight talk explanation, why didn't they do it yesterday rather than today because they revived the story later on the program. so you now have questions. paul manafort's honesty has been called into question because it was released in the statement today. they weren't just common words that just happened. now you have the question of the speech writer, is that really how it went down? or was she asked to take the fall for somebody else? >> it is a kind of farce also. the very part of the campaign that they're launching against hillary clinton and that you hear cheered every night is that she is a liar. you can't -- yet the performance they're doing every day is one of obvious dishonesty and sleight of hand. >> and obvious -- >> not very sleight. >> it is like a magician showing you the trick.
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you mentioned this anti-hillary, the convention, the people don't like hillary clinton and democrats, i was in that convention in boston and i sure didn't like george w. bush. that's the way it works. what is striking to me is usually the conventions are filled with a fair amount of catechism breathing. this is what the party stands for. democrats for more government. that has been almost entirely absent and replaced with hillary clinton as this sort of lone unifying consensus in the room. >> and trumpian word salads that are thrown out. in part it is because it is a divided party. they haven't been able to talk about issues. now tonight will be the first time that you'll have real full throated conservatives as opposed to the donald trump national front ideology that they've been edging out. you're right. this is a party that knows what
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it is against. they don't know what they're for. >> this was a party divide before donald trump came along but now it is really divided. you talk about the economic policy that didn't happen because they went to hillary clinton. are they going to unify around trade some around his opposition to cutting entitlements? tonight on foreign policy, what are they going to unify on? i talked to tom cotton yesterday. i said your nominee said george w. bush lied to take us into war with iraq. so the iraq war was a mistake. and tom cotton was, i don't agree with that. how do you unify? >> i'm not sure there is no ideology. i think it is written on the hats, make america great again. you can't parse it out exactly but you can do it through code words and dog whistles. it is returning america to an earlier time. certain kinds of people had power and certain kinds of people didn't have power. and you can hear it. theon obstacles in front of
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people, ant-government programs. the kinds of policies that benefit people of color, poor people. >> that's part of the muted thing. you're right. there is a certain, there is the make america great again. trust me. when you see that sort of dead funeral sense, you have a lot of conservatives are really, really uncomfortable with that rhetoric and having a really hard time swallowing the messages in that rhetoric. >> it was telling yesterday afternoon when the band broke out in a cover of, if could i turn back the hands of time. that's sort of a metaphor for what a lot of the delegates are looking for. >> and the horror in the hall was the christie speech, guilty, guilty, guilty. i don't know how many of you were there. you could see the crowds surging with their fists in the air. guilty, guilty. it was a witch trial.
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>> there is also this policy lies. you know what the republican party is at a certain level. no one talks about abortion. it gets mentioned here and there. there is a supreme court justice slot open. there are republican that's believe that it is murder and should be illegal and have been fighting for that. and it goes along with the iraq stuff. it just strikes me that there is such a lack of consensus about what this thing is that is the republican party. >> if this campaign has been about ideas and principle, we wouldn't be where we are now. this is about personality. for a lot of us we thought this would be the break-through year where we would have the aspirational conservative message that people like paul ryan was talking about. >> and again this is not about ideas. donald trump is not about ideas. he is not about ideology. >> you think it is about ideas.
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>> yeah. the way that it is embodied is the fury at hillary clinton and barack obama and what they represent. about changed opportunity. bits who gets to have power and those two wind up being insufficiently represented. >> there was a moment last night which i thought was so interesting. they're doing the roll call. the ones from states with republican governors were reading out the tickers of economic stats. lowest unemployment. that is the same economy under barack obama. people will share blame and credit with you it was a very striking contest the last two nights of a country on fire. >> and it was also telling that susanna martinez handed on it off the to a man in the delegation. >> all right. thank you for joining me. joining me next, nick is i think
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from one of the best money and politics reporters on the beat. and there are two things. the s.e.c. filings but you've been tweeting that big money has stayed away from this convention and finding that to be not the case. >> it is kind of a crock, i think. what happens over my shoulder on the convention floor is in some ways a side show. the real action at every convention for both parties is deal making, relationship building, raising money, meeting with future clients and making bank. that is happening everywhere at this convention. i have a list at my desk of dozens, if not hundreds of private receptions. some you've heard of. some you haven't. there are lobbyists, fund-raisers, a bit out of view probably in deference to the messaging on the florida but it is definitely there.
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>> i've picked this up from a lot of folks i've talked to. part of the establishment or the fabric of the republican party. many think, if trump were elected, he is not going to care that much about a lot of stuff. so there will be a lot of opportunities to get your agenda, to get your deals. >> that's exactly right, chris. i talked on a lobbyist on the record who said a lot of the proposals are kind of vague and we see an opportunity on advise both our clients and his campaign on how to shake those proposals. so the blank slate of the policy world is in a sense the opportunity for the permanent class in washington and some of them are a bit apprehensive. there is a lot of excitement and appraisement and opportunity. >> so we'll get these filings, reports to be made public. what are you looking for? >> we're all curious if they've turned the trump loans into an
3:12 pm
actual contribution. which means they can't be refunded back to mr. trump personally. we're also curious, how much money of that $55 million -- sorry, $51 million raised that he claims actually is for his campaign. as you know, a lot of that money is reserve for the party for this convention, for real estate and legal costs and only a small amount goes back to his campaign. so we'll get a real head to head between him and hillary clinton on the fundraising and how badly he is doing relative to her. >> sorry. there is a lobbyist group, i don't know which one. it held the party down the block about make america great again. >> some of those floor whips behind me other are working for the trump campaign to corral the delegates are lobbyists. now working for the trump campaign. >> a stunning report in the new
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night three in cleveland. we're hours away from what is supposed to be governor mike pence's big night. the vice presidential candidate at the republican convention. you can't blame pence if he feels a bit overshadowed. that's what he signed up for in some ways. trump showed up in a helicopter. twice while pence waited on the grounds with trump's family. and pence' speech follows two appearances by trump at the convention. according to a new report today on how the trump campaign envisions the role of a vice
3:17 pm
president, perhaps pence should be the one speaking on the final night. a new york times magazine's robert draper reports, a senior adviser said he court john kasich by asking, did he have any interest in being the most powerful vice president in history? the adviser asked, what would trump be in charge of? making america great again was the apply. in an apparent apply, trump tweeted, john kasich was never asked by me to be vp. joining me from inside the cue. robert drape here got that scoop. respond first to donald trump jr. who tweets, not at all surprised. you would think the magazine would try to speak to me before going with this nonsense. did you try to speak to him? >> yeah.
3:18 pm
i wish donald jr. would check his inbox from time to time. i sent him a couple yesterday to his personal account. i gave him approximately 14 hours to respond and he never did. it was not through lack of effort on my part that i failed to get his input. >> so let me be as skeptical as possible here. this is coming from people this kasich's circle. kasich doesn't think very highly of trump. the story is pretty jaw dropping if this is what is going on behind the scenes. why should i think this is kasich in a pretty nasty feud now, that he is putting the knife in? >> for one thing, it has been known by me for some time, chris, that people in trump's circle were reaching out to kasich. they always viewed him as a guy tials, ld be perfect. had run in a presidential contest before and could bring a state of ohio.
3:19 pm
so it shouldn't surprise listeners that kasich was always kind of in the wheel hous now there was always a question of chemistry. whether or not a guy with kasich's thorny personality would mesh with someone like trump's. in fact, trump never did make a formal offer to him. he never said, john, i want you to be my veep. won't you do it? but they talked around it frequently. the other thing i should say is that it also shouldn't strike anyone as implausible that donald trump jr. would say to the kasich team, look, he can be in charge of foreign and domestic policy myself dad will be in charge of making america great again. paul manafort said so as much as a month ago. it would never be trump, never his field of expertise, never his interest. so i don't think there's anything implausible about this on top of the fact that i have
3:20 pm
confidence in my sourcing on it. >> a few other names that i thought were interesting. marco rubio who is maybe in the initial list, condoleezza rice was apparently approached not directly but through back channels and shut that down pretty quickly from your reporting. >> yes. secretary rice indicated a lack of interest when sort of confederates from the trump campaign reached out to her. there were a few other women who were on the initial wish list. and the list was about 16 before it was winnowed down. the only one who actually underwent a vetting process was joni ernst. they had a meeting in trump tower. it was a meeting in which senator ernst was not given the formal offer. i think it was really only two or three individuals. christie, newt gingrich and ultimately the man who received who were asked that directly.
3:21 pm
however, trump did have a direct conversation with kasich about the value of those two together. and it just did not come down to hey, john, be my veep. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> here with me now, the republican senator, dan coates. you have opted not to run for re-election. >> that's correct. >> so you've done two different stints in the united states senate. >> i have. it has been quite an experience and a privilege to do that. but it comes a time when it is time to hand over the baton. i have a great guy in the waiting. >> mike pence is someone you have a pretty close relationship with. >> absolutely. >> he is your friend. >> yes. >> do you worry that he doesn't know what he signed up for? >> no, i don't. when you get to know mike pence, you get to know he has strong faith, strong family, he has experience, he's worked through tough times, good times, he's done remarkable things for
3:22 pm
indiana. i'm very confident that he has everything he needs to be a vice president. >> that may or may not be true. i don't know him individually. i'll take your word for it. there has been a series of, we have watched people who get into trump's order come out diminished by it. whether diminished politically, whether they are people who in this front of cameras and quote my little pony to excuse what was just obvious plagiarism. are you concerned about the reputation, from the republicans i've talked torsion he is well liked in the caucus. that he will be asked to answer for everything that donald trump says and does for the rest of the campaign. >> i think they formed a very good understanding of each other and what each one brings to the ticket. donald trump, regardless of all the riff raff who goes in in terms of who is in and who is out, the back ground of vice president, these two have met
3:23 pm
together and spent considerable time together. their families have spent time together. the goal is the same. to not let hillary clinton follow on and eight more years of barack obama. the goal is to make america great again and we have the ticket to do it. >> i'm glad you said that. i was going to say what is the goal? my understanding of the convention is that the goal is about defeegt hillary. >> it is. it is really defeating hillary and defeating obama. the choice is so cheer. the choice, do you want more of what you just had after eight years have obama? hillary clinton is an intricate part of all that. and i think they've said. that's what we want to do and they're even moving left of that. the choice, the opposite choice is do you want a change? and the american people to me are saying we want a change. >> so why is barack obama's proving rating the highest it's been in six years, 53, 54%?
3:24 pm
he is probably at this foinlt most popular in his presidency. one of the most popular politicians in america. if people want a change, why is that the case? >> well, i think people see a president who has served for nearly eight years now on the way out. there isn't the criticism at this point because he is fading away. he'll be out of the presidency. when i talk on people in indiana, overwhelmingly, and i think standing here in the street are basically saying, we do not want eight more years. i don't think the majority of american people will but we'll know in november. >> jeff league, your colleague from arizona, he's been rather outspoken. sort of confronted trump. he is tweeting, hillary clinton belongs in prison? come on. we can make the case she
3:25 pm
shouldn't be elected without jumping the shark. >> he and one or two others have not come out and supported donald trump and have said negative things about him. that doesn't begin to recommend our caucus. we have made peace with donald trump. we think he is our leader and he will lead going forward. and adding donald trump, to the base, the conservatives, evangelicals. >> i had my conversation with marsha blackburn and asked if she as a republican woman is bothered by the attacks we've seen on hillary clinton. that's next. stick around. she spent summer binge-watching.
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we are back for the rnc. i caught one marsha blackburn who will be speaking in prime
3:29 pm
time tomorrow. i started by asking, why trump is struggling to win over marchly white women. a group that mitt romney won four years ago. >> i think what women are doing, okay, national security, jobs, economic security, i'm going to see what each candidate is going to do on those. those are the two top issues with women. >> so this has been interesting with the convention the first two days. there seems to be less enunciation of broad issues than usual in conventions. usually conventions, republicans stand for x and democrats stand for y. cutting taxes, smaller government. does it feel like that to you? >> you have heard some of we don't like hillary clinton. i'll say that. but then you are also hearing people telling real life stories and how government has affected them. and whether it is to the positive or the negative.
3:30 pm
and i think that is what people relate to. those stories. not necessarily somebody standing up and saying, i believe in one, two, three, four, five, and points, abcde. what they're doing, real live people of it is a different kind of convention. they're saying this is what it did for my business. this is how it affected my business. this is how it affects our nation's security. this is how it affects our energy supply. those are the stories you hear. >> you know, obviously, hillary clinton is not popular in that hall. i understand that. but i wonder, when you see shirts around here or buttons that use the word to describe her, the degree of that, trump shirts, trump that, how do you feel about that? >> have you read my twitter feed or my facebook page? you know, it kind of goes with the territory.
3:31 pm
you have to shake it off. great taylor swift song by title. you should go listen to that. >> you sort of feel like being a woman in the public severe comes with that. >> you wouldn't believe what i've been called and what has been said to me in my career. whether it was in the private sector or the public sector. go read my twitter feed. >> i will. i'm sure it is unspeakably ugly. >> you wouldn't believe how liberals just stay on my case all day long. we have people that are liberals, they're paid to come out and protest me. >> let me ask you a more straightforward question. do you feel that some of the invective toward hillary clinton is mysogyny with her being a woman? >> no. people don't afragree with her principles or lack there of. she has one column of experience. she has been in government
3:32 pm
service. she has not built a business, been in the private sector. >> she was. >> for a little while. a few years. that's it. other than that, it has been in government. >> right. but on the other side -- >> the health care plan that she did when bill was president. it nearly bankrupted my state of tennessee. her hillary care. i mean, it was the program that was the test case. >> the state program. right. >> it nearly bankrupted our state. and our people know this story. >> so experience, right? so donald trump has experience in the business world. but also the first time since 1940 that someone without any public sector experience has been nominated. how do you -- as someone who has devoted your life to public service. >> i've boring in the private sector, i've been in elected office. >> don't you think the experiential is important? >> what i think has happened, the american people have said, we want a lead here can make
3:33 pm
decisions and get things done. they do not see that in hillary clinton. she believes in institutionalizing everything. and big committees, big campaign staff, donald trump is running a lean organization. and he understands what is there. he knows how to put together a team because he has had to do and it keep the profit and on budget and on time in mind. >> you go listen to that song now. and go read my twitter feed. >> i guarantee you i'll be horrified. >> you will be. up next, ohio senator brown joins me. he might be in the running to be hillary clinton's vp. stay with us. she spent summer binge-watching.
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soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great.
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3:38 pm
running mate for her campaign. according to the new york times and the "washington post," it is expected to take place during her trip to florida. it could come as early as friday. florida is one of the battle ground states where clinton currently leads donald trump in the polls. she is up 7 points in the sunshine state according to the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. and clinton is still the favorite. just not by the margin you might expect given the campaign that donald trump has run thus far. the real cheer average shows clinton leading by less than 3 points. but it is after the spraengs will likely play a part. joining me now, home state democratic senator they asherro brown. >> to have you here. >> my wife was on your show last
3:39 pm
night and we are just thrilled. they are six miles from my house. >> you're the wife of the pulitzer wife winner. you're the husband. >> full disclosure. >> i gave at this time other way around. >> okay. >> have you gotten any communication from the clinton campaign? >> i am not going to talk about that. i have not talked about it throughout and i am not going to change it now. frinlds news reports that she will probably make the announcement friday and be in florida. that's because i listen to msnbc and that's how i know that. >> i'll ask you one more question, the question rachel maddow asked elizabeth warren. do you feel that you are someone, were you the vice president of the united states and something were to happen to the president, you could do the job? >> i think everybody of the six or seven names that apparently are among those vetted by,
3:40 pm
mentioned by the media among those vetted, i think all five or six or seven of them could serve and serve well. >> and you include yourself among them. >> yeah. i don't think anybody is really ready for that job. even going through this whole torturous process of iowa, south carolina, on and on and on. i think you grow into it. and i think that the country, this arduous process of selecting a president probably does when he said the pressures of being ready. >> ohio, we've seen battle ground polling showing it quite close. there is a story people tell. you know the voters of ohio. you've won statewide numerous times. twice as senator. that hillary clinton will have some work to do, particularly among white working class voters in the state of ohio. what do you think of that analysis? >> she wins the state by being here. by being here with working class
3:41 pm
voters, by explaining what she is going to do in trade. by making the contrast between donald trump and herself. the suit i have on was made by union workers about seven miles from here. i think that she will make the case that made in america works. you don't need on outsource jobs to make products, to manufacture things. she will do the kind of work on trade issues and show that she is straightforward about this and create jobs in this country. i think she is already doing it. >> you have credibility on this issue. one of your big fights in congress was most favorite nation status in china, which is a much bigger deal in materials of trade deficit than anything to do with nafta, as it turns out. you will be in some ways a messenger on that agenda.
3:42 pm
and jeff sessions gave a speech the other night that sounded not that different than a speech from sherrod brown. >> you have to do it. republicans often do it, playing to race, playing to jingoism, pitting us against international, workers in poor countries. that's not what good trade agreement should be about. it is not u.s. workers versus them of it is raising standards. you can say trade policies helped bring some people out of poverty in the developing world but it cost us jobs and there is a way doing both better than we do. so they're stronger, environmental and workers. so they aren't exploited a few cents on the dollar. >> the tpp that the president has advocated for, donald trump opposed, is there any way this thing gets passed given the fact
3:43 pm
that it seems that both parties have majorities that no longer favor the deal? >> when you have the type of corporate interests that really, really want this. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan is the leader, and the senate and the house. >> and the president of the united states. >> you're going to have the new president, hillary clinton. you're going to have most of the democrats, an overwhelming number oppose it. and you have enough republican that's will also oppose it. so the answer is no. it won't happen. i think mcconnell and hatch will want to do corporate america's bidding. >> hillary clinton says she is this position on trade and obama wants it. >> the democrats didn't roll over on trade adjustment, trade promotion authority. democrats will not roll over will senator schumer will be the new democratic leader. probably majority leader. he will continue to oppose it. most of the leadership will. an overwhelming rank and file.
3:44 pm
we know why it is a bad idea. as i said to you before, i am not going to be critical of donald trump. but i understand why, hillary clinton understands why tpp. she nlths what currency means, she understands what investors disputes are. she will stand strong with this. we will have her back on this. this isn't going to become law. >> finally, 52-year streak comes to an wend the cleveland cavaliers. >> indians, two out of three. they have home-field advantage because of that goofy rule in the all-star game. >> home-field advantage. >> the best record in the league. home-field advantage through the whole playoffs. championship city.
3:45 pm
>> cubs and indians. a friendly bet. all right. the issue that is both the text and the sub text of this convention. i'll tell what you it is now. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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as the delegates start filling the arena, you may notice, there are just 18 african-american delegates attending the convention out of more than 2,400 delegates total. that adds up to less than a percentage point. .73 delegates are whack. donald trump has seemed to embrace what one white national supporter called, identity politics for white people. in trump's quoted attacks on political correctness and his attacks on various minority groups from muslim americans to
3:49 pm
mexican americans. there is a more enexclusive vision. cleveland pastor and long time trump supporter. nevertheless it is hard to shake the feeling that race in one form or another is both the sub text and the text. i'm joined by the national reporter for the new york times. it is wonderful to have you all here. i want to play you this. here the other night, he seemed to arrest particular hate the idea that white people have contributed more to the history of civilization than any of what he called the sub group. >> this whole white people business does get a little tired. i would ask you to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you're talking about? where did any other sub group of people contribute more to
3:50 pm
civilization? >> than white people? >> than western civilization itself. that's rooted in western europe, eastern europe and the united states of america and every place where the foot print of christianant settled the world. >> all of western civilization. >> do you agree with that? >> i don't. i think the republican party is a big ticket party. we're trying to be as inclusive as possible. when i first ran in 2010, i wanted a primarily hispanic district. the american dream and opportunity should be there for everyone regardless of race. and i'm with dr. martin luther king who said we need to judge people by their character, not by the color of their skin. >> what do you think about the republican party is a color blind party? >> what do i think about it? well, from my reporting, the rnc, reince priebus and shawn spicer know this for sure. they're reaching out. trying to reach out to minority
3:51 pm
america. at the same time donald trump is talking about building walls and trying to keep people out. at the same time, that's a problem with the rnc and race. they're a color blind party. they see color but it is how they want to it come into the room. >> the wall isn't about color. it is about keeping safe. it is about keeping terrorists out. >> but there's a 2,000 stretch of border. are you going to put a wall along the whole border with a pretty door? >> i'm a texan. i realize rural areas. >> thank you. a ridiculous idea as any texan will tell you. >> what you can do, you can secure with it technology. >> please just acknowledge that fact that the texans i talk to think the idea of a wall is
3:52 pm
ridiculous. >> yes. for the cost. for the two miles of wall you can get a predator drone. >> you talk about the idea of the republican party being a color blind party. at the end of the day, america is not color blind. the idea is utterly taken away. i think afternoon americans and the doj over and over again has said that police see color, judges see color, doctors see color. african-americans are treated differently in this country and have been since the beginning of time. when you talk about the party being color blind, that is is offputting on some people. i think you can say they want everybody of the same color to be treated equally but that's been being color blind. that's saying you should see it and realize, even though they're different colors, they should be treated the same. >> we'll take a quick break. will you stay with us? >> oh, yes. >> we'll be right back. she spent summer binge-watching.
3:53 pm
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report. we are back here in cleveland. making the point, the model of color blindness. >> you've got politicians and various other interest groups who use color and race to divide
3:57 pm
people and to drive wedges. quote, this group is with me. that group is against me. that's not what trump's america is about. >> you don't think donald trump is doing that? >> i don't. i think he is trying to reach out to everybody. particularly the blue collar workers who have been, feel like they have not been a part of republican party. >> i want to you respond to what steve king said the other night. i did not give you an opportunity to do that. >> first of allering with need to ask him what he thinks about steve king's comments. >> he does not agree. >> oh, good. let me go back to what steve king said a couple days ago. steve king, i think he is stunted mentally, to be honest with you. that's as nice as i can be. when i say that, he does not understand the history. african-americans, we are the
3:58 pm
descendant of the strongest who survived the passage. wealth was built on the back of slaves. free labor. forced free labor. so that piece, we contributed to this country. asians contributed to this country. when you talk about other things, innovation, entrepreneurship. charles drew, the current blood transfusion system and african-american man helped bring us that new system. we have george washington carve we are different uses of the peanut. my mother used to tell me with this when i was a kid. maybe he needed to grow up in my household. then we had garrett morgan who also, many of us are walking around with gas masks today, thank you, garrett morgan. so did he that. the traffic light that we sit and wait and have road rage for, thank you, garrett morgan. so maybe he needs to learn a little history. so i just don't know what history book he is reading from. >> america is the land of
3:59 pm
opportunity for everybody. >> how do you speak that instead of what's going on now? >> he has to list all the names that african-americans have done. if we were a color blind society, she wouldn't have to be defending that african-americans contribute to america. it should be a fact. >> i learned that in high school. >> on this, do you think it remains the case that institutionalized racism affects the main systems of american life, whether it is the parental justice system or politics? policing. >> i think there's some lingering racism in this country. >> but not institutionally. >> what you see is it being used for people to gain advantages through division. so a politician come up. i'm the champion of the african-american community so i'm going on get their vote. i want to be the champion of every american. because a rising tide lifts all
4:00 pm
ships. >> the highest number of negatives in every category. so you can't say, the rising tide lifts all boats. >> a lot of people say he is saying that for white people. that he will champion them. thank you. a quick programming note before we go. tonight at midnight eastern, right here msnbc. see you again tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern for more special convention coverage. congratulations, dad. >> the party has spoken. united against hillary clinton. >> is she guilty or not guilty? >> tonight former rivals take stage and a running mate introduces himself to the country.